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OBS A/C Centre Control Unit - Surround Billet Plate - Style # 1

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OBS Billet - Design Goals

OBS Billet attempts to keep the look and feel of OEM parts, so when we design parts, we try to keep as close to the original as possible to keep you in the 'Spirit of the Era'

We also aim to create a consistent product line of 'Themes & Styles' to keep a consistent look to your aftermarket parts, rather than a disjointed collection of billet parts, that in some cases , may not suit the era or look of the truck.

We hope we achieved this.

Sean - OBS Billet

A fantastic new upgrade for your OBS truck.

Made from 6061-T6 Aluminium.

This lays over OEM centre A/C control unit facia.

You will have to remove dash trim partially to fit. Plenty of youtube videos on that - We will include an installation video shortly.

Check your OEM part looks like ONE IN PICTURE.

Further polishing or alternatively dulling can be undertaken by the customer for a more industrial look.

♣ Suits Chevy/GMC Pickups & SUVs 1995 - 1998

♠ Plain Jane type - Style #1 (so your wife no clue what the hell those buttons do but you of course do :).

♣ One required per truck

♠ Designed & Manufactured in USA 


As these are brand new custom pieces made to order allow weeks delivery.

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